July 11, 2022

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Casual Beach Engagement Photos on Lake Michigan

You already know I’m obsessed with the beach! Whether it’s the sandy coast along Lake Michigan in Wisconsin or the rocky beaches of the Oregon Coast (be sure to check out one of my fave Oregon Coast Elopements for all the PNW vibes!). So of course I fell in LOVE with Tayia + James’ casual beach engagement photos on Lake Michigan, at Point Beach State Forest. Scroll through this blog post for the most adorable, effortless engagement photos in the sand that you’ll ever see!

couple running on beach

Tayia + James’ Casual Wisconsin Beach Engagement Photos

An effortless evening on the beach

As soon as Tayia inquired with me a while back, I knew we were an amazing fit. Because of how intentional she was when talking about the meaning behind their wedding – I could feel that I’d be a great person to capture their big day! So much of my business has been built around my passion for the intention + emotions behind weddings. I’ve seen so many couples thrive when they are able to curate a day that truly feels like them. When I meet a couple who already knows they’re going to be thoughtful with every part of their day & making it meaningful, I’m ready to support them every step of the way.

couple showing wedding rings

Tayia and I also bonded over our love of Twilight right off the bat. Truthfully – what else would you need to know in order to see that you’re a great match for each other? 😉

couple sitting on driftwood

If I had to describe her + James’ engagement session in one word, it would be effortless. They kept their outfits super comfy & casual, creating the best cozy beach vibes. And their love for each other was so clear and easy to see. They were so content being together, in each other’s presence, and were so, well, chill – that’s the best way I can describe it.

No matter the circumstances or little bumps we hit on the way to this beautiful beach engagement session, they went with the flow like such pros. They truly were so happy to be together, taking the intentional time to enjoy one another and bring the focus back to their love!

point beach state forest

A special surprise announcement

Not only are these two engaged – they are also expecting! They had found out recently before their session date came, so they wanted to incorporate a few sonogram photos. This is such a fun way to announce your pregnancy to your loved ones and to capture this super special + unique time in your lives. You’re both planning a wedding and for a new little one to join the fam! Gone are the days where expecting a baby means your wedding day has to be rushed, or won’t be as special. If anything, it should only make your day more special & more of a celebration.

couple holding sonogram

I could not be more in love with their beach pregnancy announcement photos. What a stunning couple that’s going to have the most beautiful family together! Getting to capture these types of moments for couples for my job will never cease to amaze me.

couple holding sonogram

The Wisconsin engagement session location: Point Beach State Forest

For Tayia + James’ engagement photos, we chose one of the most beautiful engagement photo locations in Wisconsin: Point Beach State Forest along the coast of Lake Michigan. 

The weather was gorgeous and perfect, with a beautifully clear blue sky and the sun setting lightly over the ocean. The way it highlighted the tops of the trees in a soft golden hue was magical. Now originally when we were looking up photos of this specific spot on the lake, Google Photos showed more driftwood on the beach. But we ended up only being able to find one log in the sand! Despite that little hiccup in our planning, Tayia + James were still so down to have fun exploring, enjoying the sunshine, and being in each other’s presence at this beautiful location.

couple sitting on beach

This dreamy beach is located along the shores of Lake Michigan, within Point Beach State Forest. The forest area offers multiple spots to camp at (who wants to do an engagement session under the stars, then sleep in a cozy tent by the water?), as well as the cute Rawley Point Lighthouse. Who doesn’t love exploring near the water and checking out an old lighthouse? Fun fact – a lighthouse has been operated in this spot by the Coast Guard since allll the way back in 1853!

couple strolling on beach

And obviously, the water views are to die for, along with the vibrant green trees lining the shore. Overall this is an amazing spot for engagement photos. It’s full of diverse spots to explore and ideal beach sunset scenery, especially in the summer!

Thank you to Tayia + James for such a lovely evening adventuring around the Point Beach State Forest. The biggest congrats on the new little one joining the family soon. I can’t wait for your wedding day!

couple walking on beach

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