June 24, 2022


Adventurous Fall Engagement Photos in Marquette, Michigan

Welcome to one of my absolute favorite engagement sessions of all time, Christina + Christopher’s adventurous fall engagement photos in Marquette, Michigan. This session was stunning from start to finish, exploring the Marquette area with two sweet humans in love. I LOVED how into each other they were, and how much I could see it right from the get go – they really soaked in each other’s presence, and enjoyed every moment together. That, my friends, is the secret to a beautiful engagement session: just being able to be present with each other and breathe it all in!

Ready to see the gorgeous downtown + beach areas we explored on this rainy day in Marquette?

fall engagement photos

Christina + Christopher’s Adventure Engagement Session in Marquette, Michigan

Exploring downtown Marquette & the coast

I was so happy when Christina + Christopher chose Marquette for their session based on my suggestion. They wanted somewhere with city vibes but that would also be unique & scenic; somewhere they’d never been. So to downtown Marquette & to the beach we went!

We started off in an adorable little area of downtown that featured colorful buildings (I’m still in love with the blue and orange ones behind them in these photos that went perfectly with their outfits), and realized we were going to have to embrace the rainy weather we were hit with. Their session is the perfect example of how rain does NOT have to mess up your engagement session: if you’re able to adapt and embrace it, it will still turn out absolutely magical, I promise. Then we headed off to the iconic ore docks of Marquette, and wrapped up the session with some stunning photos on the beach, dancing in the rain.

(Also, this rain really brought out some incredible Pacific Northwest vibes, am I right? You’d never even know from these beach photos that we were all the way in Michigan, and not along the Oregon Coast!)

fall engagement photos

Making their session their own

One of the reasons I love engagement sessions with couples so much is that they give us the opportunity to really be intentional with how we plan it, and the ability to make the photos truly your own. It’s not like a wedding day where we follow your timeline and I photograph in a much more candid way. Engagement sessions allow us to spend as much time as we want, wherever we want, making it comfortable, fun, and authentic to you! 

A great example of this is how Christina + Christopher own a coffee shop together in Eagle River (check it out on IG @er.thedailygrind), and they made a little pit stop mid-session to grab some coffee there. This made it feel almost like a cute little day-date, which I freaking loved. I want to capture you in your element, doing what you would do on a daily basis or on a date together, whether that’s having a picnic, going on a hike, or stopping at your fav coffee shop/restaurant.

fall engagement photos

Their impeccable style choices

I could not simply leave these photos here for you to see without bragging about these two’s fashion. I mean seriously, have you ever seen more beautifully-coordinated outfits that go seamlessly with the background?

I absolutely love that these two made their outfits their own and adjusted their pieces as we changed locations, keeping it simple yet very intentional the whole time. Christina started off the session rocking an iconic fall look with a super cozy white turtleneck tucked into dark wash jeans with a black & gold belt, layered with a classic black & white flannel and ending at the bottom with chunky black boots. She brought together the most minimalist pieces to create an impeccable fall outfit to match the rainy weather around us! 

Christopher came to compete and didn’t let her steal the show – he killed it with a rust-orange jacket, a matching white turtleneck underneath, and light-wash jeans with classic white Converse. The way these two paired a simple, neutral color palette (black, white, and blue with the orange accents of Christopher’s jacket + his red hair) with the colorful buildings of downtown Marquette & colorful fall trees lining the streets was absolutely the way to go!

fall engagement photos

A little into the session Christina changed into another cozy white sweater (a staple piece for fall or winter engagement photos!) and braved the cold air with a simple patterned skirt, paired with the same belt & chunky boots. With this simple outfit change, the same accessories, and the fact that she threw her hair up, she created a whole new look with the snap of her fingers!

fall engagement photos

Christopher kept his outfit until we reached the beach, when he changed into what looked like the coziest light brown sweater everrrr. It was a great choice to pair with his jeans and Converse, as well as the beige sandy beach in the backdrop! Christina changed back into her first outfit, the flannel and jeans, and we were able to get such a great variety of photos thanks to the amazing style these two came prepared with.

fall engagement photos

All in all, this ended up being one of my all-time favorite engagement sessions and I am so thankful that I got to adventure around Marquette with Christina + Christopher for their Marquette fall engagement photos

Who else is ready to recreate this session in their own unique way and explore all the beauty that this area has to offer with me? 🙋🏼‍♀️ Reach out to me here, and let’s make it happen!

 fall engagement photos

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fall engagement photos

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fall engagement photos

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