June 10, 2022


Stunning Southern Oregon Coast Sunset Elopement

If you’re absolutely obsessed with the Pacific Northwest like I am (even though I don’t live there), then you are going to die scrolling through this southern Oregon Coast elopement gallery! Keep reading to find out how we made this gorgeous elopement happen, and why I am head-over-heels in love with the locations we shot at.

The Stunning Elopement on the Southern Oregon Coast

I left Oregon recently with the fullest heart and the most fulfilled soul, thanks to the incredible places we went and the genuine connections I made while we were there. And I owe a big chunk of that to Morgan + Story, who were willing to adventure with us to the very tip of the southern Oregon Coast to get these absolutely breathtaking elopement photos. 

Golden hour vows at the Natural Bridges

We started off at the Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor in Brookings, where we hiked down to the Natural Bridges to enjoy golden hour vows overlooking the ocean. Have you ever seen a vow exchange with a scene this picturesque?! Literally looks like it’s straight out of a postcard or a painting – absolutely unreal!

The trail to get to the Natural Bridges Viewpoint is actually fairly easy + quick, just 0.7 miles out and back and a small 60-foot elevation gain. So this is definitely an awesome little trail to take if you don’t feel like going on a major hike to get amazing views of the coast, and if you want to bring your pups – because luckily, dogs are allowed here on leashes! Just be aware that the trail down to the bridge is pretty steep, but the views are out-of-this-world incredible and so so worth the journey.

southern oregon coast

Blue hour wedding portraits on the beach

Once we’d wrapped up vows on the bridge, we hiked back up the trail and drove just a short distance to get to a little area of the beach, where we took some epic blue hour photos. I freaking love blue hour because it shows couples that the photos + adventures don’t have to stop once the sun goes down – blue hour and twilight are just completely different kinds of magic! The soft light of the night sky turning dark is simply magical, especially when you’ve got the vibrant blue ocean in the background, too. 

southern oregon coast

Two dresses for Morgan – because why not?

Did you even notice that Morgan switched dresses between golden hour & blue hour?! She started off in the whimsical strapless dress with gorgeous sleeves + tons of flowy tulle, and then changed into a gorgeous long-sleeve dress for portraits down on the beach. 

oregon coast elopement

You can ALWAYS wear two dresses to your elopement if you want ones for different parts of the day, liek how Morgan changed into one that she was okay getting sandy & wet! You can change into a second dress once your reception starts, at a different location, or if you just want to be in something slightly comfier + more flexible than your main dress.

oregon coast elopement

Story’s stylish suit jacket from ASOS

ASOS is one of my absolute favorite places to buy high-quality elopement attire online, especially their designer mens’ suits! Story freaking rocked his rust orange suit jacket that went perfectly with the browns & blues of the backdrop behind them. This is a 10/10 example of how neutral colors really do go with everything, especially when you’re out in nature and enjoying the colors of the outdoors!

oregon coast elopement

About the Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor

Now for a little bit about the location we shot at, because I’m betting you’ve absolutely fallen in love with these views by now and are dying to have your own elopement here. I mean, how can you beat the jagged rocks, the uniquely-shaped sea stacks, the coastal greenery, and the secluded beach coves?!

My favorite thing about these locations along the Samuel H. Boardman Corridor was that they were adventurous but fairly easy to get to, and had once-in-a-lifetime views without a long, strenuous hike. The beach area we used was also so intimate and exclusive-feeling, like you had the ocean all to ourselves – which is harder to get once you go further north to places like Cannon Beach.

Here are a few quick things to know about the 12-mile-long Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor if you’re considering visiting it for your elopement, or simply just for some epic elopement portraits on the beach:

Where it’s located: Brookings, OR

Distance from Portland: Just under 6 hours

Distance from Cannon Beach: 6.5 hours

There are 18 miles of hiking trails available along the corridor that’ll take you to some pretty insane views, which you can break up into shorter hikes if you’re looking for something quick. These shorter treks that still get you incredible scenery include:

Overall, this is just a truly one-of-a-kind location that’ll allow you to celebrate in private, enjoy some of the best views of the Oregon Coast, and have fun exploring the little coastal towns along the way!

oregon coast elopement

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