September 28, 2021


Senior Adventure Session in Marquette, MI

I had an incredible senior adventure session at the end of summer with my senior, Olivia! She knew she wanted to do an adventure session with me right away in Marquette, MI. I was SO excited to capture her and even more excited with how the weather turned out. It was the most beautiful summer day – we seriously could not have gotten better weather! 

First, we met up at Presque Isle Park and captured a few shots.The skies were sunny with a gorgeous haze coming through. It made for awesome, diffused light! There was a little lookout spot with a gorgeous view of the crystal clear water and cliffs peaking around. After we got the photos we wanted, we headed to Black Rocks. Now, usually I don’t come here as it’s a less traveled spot in Marquette, MI and it’s mostly meant for cliff diving. However, I am SO glad we did! We went for a different perspective by shooting in front of the big rocks. We had gorgeous golden light peaking through the surrounding trees and rocks. It was so great to shoot at a spot I usually don’t and get these unique shots! 

After Black Rocks, we headed to Wetmore Landing to play around on the beach. Now, this is where Olivia loosened up a bit and started having a lot of fun with her session. She played around walking through the shallow parts of the water and kicking water up with her feet! She saw some free standing rocks and wanted to get some pictures on them so she waded out into the water. I love that Olivia wasn’t afraid to let loose, or get her outfits a bit wet for a nice shot! She really wanted to get creative and capture some non-traditional senior pictures. She wasn’t afraid to get a little uncomfortable to get the shot, which is what I want every senior to do when on an adventure session with me!

We then headed to Little Presque Isle to capture gorgeous golden hour pictures. The sky was absolutely beautiful and we had a great time just hanging out, having fun, and playing with the water. We waded around again in the water and just had fun with it. I love that Olivia had ideas too. I would give her a prompt and she would feed off of it with a couple ideas of her own which was cool. Olivia’s parents even came with and were enjoying the view and weather! They decided to make a little trip out of this, since they hadn’t been to Marquette, MI in a long time. I thought it was so sweet how they were treating Olivia, and making this a family trip!

We ended the evening by saving her favorite outfit for last. It had an urban style to it so we headed to a parking garage downtown and captured a few different shots with an amazing view. One of them had Lake Superior in the background and the other had the classic clock tower in the background! 

Olivia’s session in Marquette, MI could not have gone better. It was incredible and everything I wish for with my seniors. Olivia was fun, creative, and not afraid to let loose! That’s exactly what my adventure sessions are all about and I am so glad Olivia embraced her time to shine! 

If you are ready to book your senior session in Marquette, head over to my contact page here!

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Presque Isle Park in Marquette, MI
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